Halloween Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Bite

Halloween Fly Fishing

Halloween Fly Fishing Halloween and fly fishing may additionally appear to be an peculiar blend, but no longer for authentic anglers. Yep, I’m speakme approximately the closing take a look at of your skills and nerve.

Dracula’s River

Okay, everybody knows the tale of Count Dracula. The e book is huge and has been became a number of frightening movies. The one the nervous me the maximum became the latest edition wherein Keanu Reaves tried to speak with an English accessory. Truly scary. Anyway, the interesting thing approximately Dracula is that it’s far primarily based on a actual person.

Halloween Fly Fishing

Halloween Fly Fishing


Vlad the Impaler turned into a nasty man by using any definition. By Vlad, I suggest the Romanian Prince, now not the Angels outfielder that blasts home runs…besides inside the playoffs to my dismay. With a nickname like “Impaler”, I shouldn’t ought to recite his resume, but will point out that he had a thing for long sticks with one cease buried inside the floor and the opposite stop sharpened to some extent. It changed into very sensible to stay on his precise facet – “Vlad, did you lose a few weight?” and so on.

Vlad dominated Romania throughout his reign and turned into such an fanatic for impaling that the ones inside the lumber commercial enterprise appearance returned upon him with sighs of happiness. As all and sundry knows from the e book, Vlad had his domestic workplace at Bran Castle inside the Carpathian Mountains despite the fact that he maintained department offices in London. In reality, the citadel stands nowadays and you can spend your difficult earned vacationer cash walking approximately the grounds, buying fake fangs, garlic and so on. What isn’t well known, of course, is Bran Castle become by no means the home of Vlad, who reputedly didn’t care for the overly non secular décor and garlic lawn within the backyard.

Halloween Fly Fishing

Halloween Fly Fishing

The proper home of Vlad the Impaler is Dracula Castle, which sits on the Arges River. The fortress is not a hot traveler destination. Perhaps this is because the best matters left are some stones protruding of the floor. Nonetheless, below the castle runs the Arges River.

Known in antiquity as the Ordessus, this is the spot in which Vlad did a number of his pinnacle-notch impaling and supposedly tied a completely unique fly or two. Even in spite of everything those years, the fish stay stimulated and it takes a courageous angler to hit the spot.

Halloween Fly Fishing

Halloween Fly Fishing

Body armor, garlic and a protect aren’t standard device for fly fishing. If you’re going to fish with Vlad, but, every is a should. The fish are peculiar. The locals with missing hands and fingers will fill you in. The “Impaler Pike” is understood to react to being hooked by means of accelerating toward the angler and jumping from the water in the route of one’s nether region. The Arges Cutthroat, of direction, desires no description, however the Big Macks genuinely provide upward thrust to the need for garlic. Finally, the Vlad Muskie may be stuck, however an older gentlemen with best one ear cautioned this isn’t always an excellent thing. All and all, one doesn’t so much trap a fish underneath Vlad’s fortress as survive the experience.

You can be questioning approximately the nice flies to apply in such circumstances. The vintage stand via Woolly Bugger? Perhaps a Clauser’s Minnow? Nope. According to locals, just nip a finger, rub the blood on a hook and off you cross!

Happy Halloween From Nomad Journals!

By the way, you truely can fly fish at the Arges underneath Vlad’s real castle. No armor wanted, however garlic keeps the mosquitoes off.

Little blood suckers.

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